Product Information

For all Smile Clothing NZ linen garments

  • Please wash alike colours together (separate light colours from dark ones) 
  • Use regular powder, liquid detergent also natural detergents work well 
  • Use a warm or hot machine wash on a normal or delicate cycle 
  • For white linens only it is safe to use bleach to remove stains or keep crisp white colour
  • Ironing is not essential you can line dry garment after delicate machine wash and hang in closet
  • To increase the lifespan of your linen garments do not put them in the dryer 

Handy tip: If you usually iron your garments try wearing your linen clothing with the natural look. Many women have said they enjoy this.

For all Smile Clothing NZ canvas bags

  • To clean the whole bag put it in a cold or warm cycle and hang in the semi shade to dry 
  • If desired you can condition the leather detail but be careful not to put stains on the canvas. 


The history of the linen fibre:
Our linen range is a very popular, beautiful and naturally chic look. These wears are our own collection. Linen textiles are one of the oldest in the world; their history goes back many years. This fabric is made out of the aged natural fibre from the flax plant. In the western world it was used to create luxury bed covers and men’s suits. But now it has also made its mark in the women’s fashion world - used to create some of the most comfortable, long lasting and naturally textured clothing.

The price, quality and durability of our linen clothing is something we pride ourselves in.